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We are very good in the dealing with agricultural product sales, we sell products world wide, we have been into more sales business in Agriculture for the past 13 years now and we have very huge sales. Dealing with all types of agricultural products, we are genuine and getting a product(s) from us is no big deal.


it’s not long we started with the sales of chemicals, but we have got very huge sales. We deal with both volatile and non-volatile chemicals, also we deal with other manufacturing chemicals, many of which you might need so as to go on with your manufacturing and others. We also deal with manufacturing chemicals


We engage in metal materials, metal products, steel products, i.e. ferrosilicon, titinium 
iron, silicon ferrozirconium, ferrovanadium, ferrowolfranium, mg-ferrosilicon-rare-earth 
alloy, ferromolybdenum, ferrochroniumproducts, ferromanganese products; non-ferro metal…etc



Welcome to Max G Trading Enterprise.
We are always passionate about bringing quality products from across the world – and sharing the incredible flavors of premium products with the rest of the world.

Founded in 2013 in South Africa, we deal in agricultural products and we supply worldwide. We have consistently followed a dynamic, long-term growth strategy. We trade in consumer goods, textile, stationary and a wide variety of products.

We recently expanded our sphere of business in the trading and recycling of ferrous, non-ferrous, Minerals, Chemicals and other scrap metals like aluminium ,copper wire scraps, etc and have been serving our customers with the unrivaled solutions and services.

At Max G Trading Enterprise, we delight ourselves in providing quality to our clients who demand the best. Our main goal is to support our clients to succeed in their markets by meeting local and international needs and demands.